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Dynamic Catholics, Alive: Prayer Action Items




• Read books on prayer from our list of recommended books found here

• Read Part 4 of the Catechism, which is devoted to prayer. An online Catechism can be

   found here.

• Learn the Prayer Process developed by Dynamic Catholic

• Start keeping a Mass journal

• Join a Bible study (inqure at your parish)

• Enter RCIA if you are thinking of becoming Catholic (click here for more information)

• Encourage someone who is thinking of becoming Catholic to enter RCIA.

• If you are not going to Mass every Sunday, the Church and your parish want you back.

   Mass times can be found at the bottom of this page.

• If you have not gone to Confession in awhile, find Confession times here, and download

   our free guide to Confession brochure

• Attend Eucharistic Adoration. Adoration times can be found here

• Learn to pray the Rosary (New Advent has a free guide)

• Subscribe to a monthly prayer resource, such as Magnificat or Word Among Us

• Download the Laudate app for your phone. Find out more here.

• Pray for the Parish and for the fruitfulness of Dynamic Catholic, Alive!

• Learn the essential Catholic prayers

• Listen to Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs on prayer

• Consider finding a spiritual director

• Attend daily Mass

• Pray for an increase in vocations

• Join a rosary group

• Learn Lectio Divina

• Reflect on the daily readings

• Pray before all meals

• Make 1 degree of spiritual progress this week

• Attend a retreat

• Memorize the Mass responses, including the Nicene Creed

• Stay after Mass to pray

• Make time for silence

• Practice all various expressions of prayer: vocal prayer, meditation, contemplation

• Practice the four forms of prayer: blessing and adoration, petition, intercession,


• Prayer the family Rosary

• Spend a few minutes on spiritual reading

• Attend the Stations of the Cross during Lent

• Practice fasting or abstinence

• Start your day with prayer

• Make a list of everything you are grateful for

• Read a book on the saints

• Pray the Liturgy of the Hours

• Reflect slowly on the words of the Our Father

• Learn about the Catholic Mass

• Offer up your suffering to the Lord

• Do a Daily Examen before bed

• Display a crucifix at your house or workplace

• Pray for someone you know is suffering

• Limit distractions to prayer: noise, TV, radio, internet, movies, etc.

• Make a list of your vices and virtues

• Seek full and active participation at Mass

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